Richard Burghardt

Web Seminar

Invest about 1 hour to step further in ISOCOM

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Dates and prices

Dates 2020 beginning each 10:00

  • 09. December 2020 Angebot (german language)
  • 10. December 2020 Rechnung (german language)

Prices per person (4 person min.)

  • 1 hr . with software contract € 59
  • 1 hr . without software contract € 79


You will receive via email a link with an access code via e-mail and will be connected to our screen. Further, the corresponding program is explained on the screen and over the telephone line. You can ask questions anytime. This way you can learn the processes in ISOCOM in a very short time.

Seminars offer

Accept and send new offer, and group titles, measurement, etc. via e-mail.

Seminar invoice

New account, term, discount / surcharge, receipt, invoice from project

New offer

  • Create new offer, pick up materials and Jumbo
  • Quotations for Form parts as inclusive or as surcharge
  • increase and reduction, pencil tray, supply utilities
  • Subcontractors, Isometric measurement , History Time

Convert offer into project

New Bill

  • Create a new account , pick up materials and Jumbo purely
  • Expression variants
  • Discount / surcharge enter blank , Show

Incoming Payments

  • Explained using an example
  • Enter and adjust discount
  • Accounting Lines

Write statement from the project

  • Make a bill
  • Create oversize invoice from project

Seminar on Measurement

Meter measurement, Sewer and Vessel measurement , Cap measurement

Seminar Finalcalculation

Control individual or multiple projects

Create New Measurement

  • Meter measurement
  • Channel and Vessel measurement
  • Cap measurement


  • Sort by sheet-number
  • Logical sorting


  • Transfer supply, project and account
  • Various transfer forms

Calculate costing

  • Single project, multiple projects

Understand costing

  • Statement by an example
  • Source of data