Costing in ISOCOM – A breeze!

Calculation, supply and project management in your control

Find a huge number of finished calculations

Choose from over 40,000 embodiments to get your calculations done effortlessly. You can calculate the individual data or the total cost estimate, position wise or presented with fix sets.

There are several tools to help you in the preparation: e.g. – discount, group / title, project discount, pencil tray, measurement, numbering, flat rates, fixed prices, subtotals …

Projects under control

Controlling your projects is important

You can constantly monitor the complete status of the projects and can take a glance your working hours as well. Thus, you are always up to date on the status of your construction site, because monitoring is half way to success.

Control is the key to success

Integrated dimensioning system

Channel, container, cap, piece and meter measurement.

The formulas for sheets, channels, flanges etc. are stored and displayed graphically on the measurement app OUTCOM interface.

Preparation of invoice

Cash invoice, cumulative invoice, final invoice – quickly and easily

ISOCOM automatically determines the positions and required data from the project. You can also ship your invoice through e-mail along with logo and company data.

Working planer for employees

A quick glance is enough to activate or reschedule your team

Your work planner lets you view schedule of individual employees according to time & place, and can react flexibly to any changes. Moreover, with a quick glance you can see whether there is free capacity or not.

The new costing

Check individual or multiple projects

The new final calculation contains important information about your projects. Thus, you are always informed about the project status. An additional function determines all current projects and evaluates them. Here you can see the current month as well as the preceding months.

WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get

Change printouts and data in the preview

Within the preview of offer, project, invoice, you can double-click information and data, without going into the input mask.