Seminars in Augsburg

Learn ISOCOM Evolution in a cozy atmosphere

You can learn ISOCOM Evolution at the premises of siebzehnACHT in Augsburg (Germany)

  • You will be free of all business concerns and are focused on ISOCOM
  • We care for your well-being during the seminar

Web seminars

Online Seminar for individual program components

We help you connect with us through computer and telephone ensuring accurate communication done beforehand. We begin only when everyone is ready.

  • Short and concise introductions for particular parts of the program are delivered
  • You need to invest only 1 hour to learn more about ISOCOM

Company seminars

Book your ISOCOM Seminar on site

We come and teach according to your needs

  • Company seminars are tailored to your knowledge
  • They remain accessible during the seminar
  • Lower costs on multiple participants